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DMPD recognizes that training in ministry partner development is best accomplished through discipleship (not just classroom lectures). It also should be field tested and culturally adapted in every country by those who have been discipled in it. DMPD's vision is those who do ministry partner development do it with the proper Biblical attitude, while seeking ministry partners from their own home countries. This will result in indigenous ministries in every country of the world as more and more national Christians financially invest in and pray for the ministry in their own country.

As resources are improved and updated, we will put them on this site, hopefully getting you the most current resources available. We hope you find these videos, audio messages and manuals helpful.

This 8 minute video shows DMPD training in several areas and presents 3 DMPD testimonies describing how God has used it to change staff's attitudes and results in ministry partner development. Click here to get a quick picture of what DMPD is all about.

You may download a higher-quality version of this video here.